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  • What is Cosmetic Surgery?

    Cosmetic surgery is an optional procedure that is performed on normal parts of the body with the only purpose of improving a person’s appearance and/or removing signs of aging. Cosmetic surgery has become more popular, and India has become one of the Asia's biggest cosmetic surgery markets. The cosmetic surgery in India underwent a radical change over the last decade. More and more people are accepting and its affordability confirms its value and need. The number of aesthetic surgery procedures performed has increased to a great level. Earlier cosmetic surgery was only confined to the health and well-being of the patient, such as reconstructing a dislodged eye, skin-grafting for serious burns, repairing a broken nose and treating a birthmark across the face. But now the surgery is intended to correct all the dysfunctional areas of the body for enhancing the overall appearance.

  • Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

    Some cosmetic procedures, such as Botox injections, don't involve surgery but this doesn't mean they're without risk. It's important to use a reputable practitioner who is properly qualified. Follow these tips to find a qualified and safe practitioner.
    Non-surgical cosmetic procedures involve products or techniques that make the skin look smoother, or make marks on the skin look less obvious. There are also procedures to change the way teeth look, such as making them whiter or straighter.

  • Cosmetic Surgery Versus Plastic Surgery

    Cosmetic surgery is performed on normal, healthy body parts in order to improve their appearance. People opt for this surgery to change the way they look, based on their own ideals of beauty. While plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery involves correcting an abnormality resulting from a birth defect, accident or health condition. Often, reconstructive surgery addresses not only a deformed appearance , but also seeks to correct or improve some deficiency or abnormality in the function of the body part.

  • Technology and Techniques for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeries

    The term minimally invasive refers to the use of newer technology used in plastic surgery, such as laser, to perform procedures that once required extensive surgery and take a lot of recovery time. Plastic surgeons today have a variety of tools and techniques that make face and eye lift procedures more accessible and affordable.

    Most doctors in the cosmetic profession offer comprehensive laser treatments for the wholesome satisfaction of their clients. Laser treatments in India are highly preferred as they are available at affordable prices and the procedures assure exceptional results.

  • Cost for Cosmetic Surgery in India

    The healthcare facilities of India offer the cosmetic surgeries at a very affordable prices as compared to other countries like America. The cost of cosmetic surgery in India is less expensive as compared to the cost for the same surgery in America. The medical procedures, facilities and technologies are highly advanced in India which invites the patients from all over the world.