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  • What is ENT Treatment ?

    ENT treats the ear, nose and throat diseases. Also known as Otolaryngology (head and neck surgery), it manages the conditions such as the tumors of the nose, snoring, voice and swallowing disorders, hearing and balance problems, allergies, inflammation of the laryngitis and throat, sinuses and the throat and larynx.

  • Ear Nose Throat Disorders

    The surgeries for the throat include complex procedures like Laryngectomy (cancer of the larynx) and it also include an easy procedure of Tonsillectomy (tonsils) or Adenoidectomy ( removal of the adenoids by surgery). The ear surgeries are done to correct the problems associated with hearing. The surgeries of the nose are done to treat the sinus problems. The surgeries of neck and head are performed to remove a tumor or also construct the damaged area after injury or trauma. The problem of tumors (lumps) in the parotid can be largely seen in every age group. These tumor forms from an abnormal growth of the cells inside the gland. It has been examined that about 80% of the tumors are non-cancerous and are known as Benign Tumors. Although very rarely these tumors could be cancerous.

  • ENT Surgery

    The surgeries are divided into three categories-

    Routine Surgery
    • Endoscopic orbital
    • optic nerve decompression and DCR.
    • Revision ear surgery
    • Functional endoscopic sinus surgery
    • Facial nerve surgery
    • Congenital anomalies of the ear
    • Neck and head surgery
    • Micro laryngeal surgery
    • Thyroplasty
    • Endoscopic skull base surgery
    • Surgeries for sleep apnoea and snoring
    • Septorhinoplasty and Septoplasty
    • Neck and head cancer surgery
    • Laser surgery for neck and head lesions
    • Phonosurgery
  • Symptoms of Cancer
    • Pseudohypacusis tests
    • Behaviour Response Audiometry
    • Hearing Assessment
    • Hearing Aid Fitting and Trial
    • Speech Audiometry
    • Pure tone audiometry
    • Conditioned response audiometry
    • Free Field Audiometry
    • Special tests of hearing- Tine Decay Threshold, DLI, MLB, UCL, Loudness Scaling, STAT, ABLB, MCL
    • Electrophysiological evaluation of hearing through the brain stem evoked response audiometry
    • Acoustic Immitance Studies such as Stapedial reflex, Reflex decay, Tympanogram, Eustachain tube function test
  • Voice Speech and Language Disorders
    • Development and childhood aphasias
    • Articulation disorders
    • Cleft palate speech rehabilitation
    • Therapy for swallowing disorders (dysphagias)
    • Maintenance speech therapy in degenerative disorders
    • Delay in speech and language development due to mental retardation, hearing loss and autism
    • Voice disorders (Androphonia, Puberphonia, Harshness/Breathiness of Voice/Hoarseness, Spastic Dysphonia, Hyper nasality of voice, Prophylaxis)
    • Neurogenic speech and language disorders like apraxia, dysarthrias and aphasias
  • ENT Treatments
    • Stapedotomy
    • Tympanoplasty
    • Ossiculoplasty
    • Laryngectomy
    • Block dissections of the neck, Endolymphatic Sac
    • Micro laryngeal Surgery